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Going Global for Unique Experiences

Back in 2013, Stevie Wilson of LA Story fame wrote a bit on my ever-growing desire to travel and share the destinations I have experienced with others. My friend, Brenda McClain, had connected me with Stevie so a special thanks to Brenda! Her article entitled,

QueensLander Tours’ Founder is truly A Man for All Seasons: Mark Story Goes Global in His Search for Unique Destinations!

was a quick look inside my heart designed to travel and share! Here are some excerpts from the article along with the link. Check out LA Story and see what all they have going on!

Writer Brenda McClain came to me with this great idea about travel company that had more than just expensive travel on the mind– it was about finding great destinations where the you get immersed in the local culture.

Here is her story on Mark Story, a “man for all seasons” but truly this is a man on both sides of the equator whose passion is to take you more than just where it’s warm, but where the culture of the destination is warm at heart. Think Sir Thomas Moore with a bit of Da Vinci in the mix because he is always willing to try new things and go new places!

Credit: Click here for the Original Article from LA Story

Mark loves to quote Gustave Flaubert, who says “Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”


Note: QueensLander re-branded to Story Land & Sea® in October of 2015. Check out their offerings at and

It’s this last statement that brings to mind a 21st century Renaissance man– Mark Story. This is not to say that Story is an aristocrat, although many who travel with him might think differently. However his career arc is pretty interesting and because he’s always on the run- traveling or on stage– he’s definitely a different version of a “man for all season”. His successful travel company, QueensLander Tours, is busier than ever, much due to their successful business model. He is husband, father, friend, and in his spare time loves to work out and regularly performs in local film productions.


Mark Story earned his degree in Television Broadcasting/Media Communication at Harding University and received his Master of Science in Education with an emphasis in Communication. His background includes training at the Denver Academy of the Arts and experience in broadcast and sports journalism. He has appeared in many theatrical productions and commercials, including Starz©, DISH© Network, and The Travel Channel©. He has also appeared in many short films, including Paintbrushes Don’t Have Erasers andAverage Joe. Story’s travel experiences can be found by following him


Mark’s experience in travel began in college with mission trips to the land “down under,” Australia. He fell in love with the people of Australia, as well as its varied landscape and culture. After returning to university, he acquired his Master’s degree and was appointed as Graduate Assistant to the College of Communication. It was during this time Mark decided to expand his role in travel and began taking groups of travelers to Australia and New Zealand. After a few years of juggling international tours and less interesting jobs, Mark made his passion his career and stepped full-time into the tour industry, where he met and fell in love with Italy.

Of course that college trip to Australia is where it all began, but his new love – Italy – pulls at his heartstrings now, and mostly when he’s in Florence. Ask him why and Mark is quick to say “Have you seen Michelangelo’s David? Or, that Florence holds the most important collection of Renaissance Art where his tour guests can regularly see not only the Michelangelo, but Giotto, Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Perugino, and Raphael.

But it’s still the coffee that has him talking ‘non stop ‘ to most, in fact he’s even made a video, which can be seen at He can talk for days about Italian coffee and its uniqueness as a beverage and an experience!

The Italian nation has wooed Mark’s heart for several years now. He continues to enjoy “unwrapping” Italy for his guests. Mark is the owner and Executive Director of QueensLander Tours, and yes, the name was inspired by his travels to the Australian continent.


Thank you to Brenda McClain for her great piece on this company and it’s founder who has a passion for culture and travel!!

Stevie Wilson,