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Being a Hotel Snob

Hotel Snobbery at its Finest

I do consider myself the official hotel snob of our touring operation. It was a phrase that was and is applied to my never-ending desire to find unique hotels that are quality, distinctive and well-positioned. I now carry the title with pride as I continue to seek out new and unique boutique hotels. All through Italy our company, Story Land & Sea®, has had the honor of working with incredible hotel staff and hoteliers from our classically European budget hotels to our flagship Deluxe properties.

The Objective: Boutique with Options
When you’re looking for a hotel you may be the kind of traveler who does not care that much about where you lay your head. For you, I suggest our classic budget 3- and 4-Star properties: traditional European budget properties with tiny lobbies, smaller rooms, but functional, clean, private bathroom with shower and a continental breakfast.  For those of you who truly desire a more luxe experience, then it’s our Deluxe Hotels: 4-Star and 5-Star properties with magnificent lobbies, grandiose in character usually, large rooms, American breakfast with buffet or table service, large bathrooms and all of the amenities you would want. But it doesn’t end there…

Location, Location, Location
The historic center of towns is our target for all of our hotel styles and we aim very carefully to position our small tour groups in these great locations. From Venice’s Piazza San Marco to London’s Trafalgar Square, our hotel locations are the envy of the mainstream tour industry.

Service with a Smile
Customer service is job #1 for our enterprise and finding hotels with staff that buy into this service approach is key to our continued success. Small Group Touring allows Story Land & Sea® to find unique hotels and accommodations that truly deliver both on style, quality, position and service. Visit and find out more about your next Story of travel!

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